Merry Christmas Eve!

It looks like the next couple of days will be very musical over here on the blog! I meant to post this about two weeks ago, but this post became a casualty of final exam preparation… oops. Seems like pre-scheduling my posts as much as possible in the future to keep them consistent will be my best bet going forward! But moving on…

A couple weeks ago, I woke up to the song Lord I Need You playing in my head, and I couldn’t resist singing it over and over in both my quiet time and in my head throughout the day (isn’t it awesome when the Lord puts a song in your heart? Since He knows my love for music, it’s almost daily for me!). Later that day, I was browsing on Instagram for a study break and happened to visit Sadie Robertson’s profile (she’s the daughter of one of the main people on Duck Dynasty and actually recently published a book, Live Original). Lo and behold, she had just posted a video of the Daraja Children’s Choir singing Lord I Need You at her church that past weekend! Seeing as that was the weekend right before my final exam period began, the song was such a wonderful reminder for me to recognize just how much I need the Lord in my life, in all facets.

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Dean’s Holiday

Today is a Dean’s Holiday for all the students and faculty here at the U. of Pécs! I think this is the first legitimate “break” we’ve had since beginning classes in September almost 2 months ago. We were given the day off for Medicine Days, which is an event that the University holds for alumni who graduated from the school 50 years ago – the honorees receive a new diploma from the University, and they are celebrated during the weekend of activities. Naturally, with a Friday off, I have more time than usual to sit on my couch and do something I love: sing worship songs! Today, this was my Friday jam:

This version of Salvation is Here is on Yahweh, an acoustic collection of songs sung live by Hillsong Chapel, which lately I’ve realized is my absolute favorite CD. There’s just something about this song (and the CD) that’s so uplifting and victorious.

Happy Friday!


Happy Easter – He is risen! I’m so very thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross…it’s a truly incredible act of love to think of on this day and to cherish as a child of God. I couldn’t help but wake up with a smile (really…I was serious about Easter being one of my favorite times of the year!) – knowing that Jesus, the King of Heaven, died thousands of years ago as a man to create a way for us to have a meaningful relationship with God is completely overwhelming, in an awesome way. I’ll never get over it, because I can’t wrap my mind around that kind of unending grace and love! What an awesome gift to be thankful for.

Woven in time, the scarlet string
To breathe and create a sacred thing

The fight we’re in has already been won

Arise, for the kingdom has come
Arise, for the kingdom has come


Love in the Time of Easter

It’s so easy to witness, yet so difficult to express: the mother of all virtues, the “greatest of these.”

It’s an emotion, an action, a word.

It can’t be contained by anyone’s definition, or whittled down to a sole meaning. So what is this it?


One of my favorite times of the year is now: the week of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter. For me, it’s a time filled with incredible hope, joy, and especially love. This April, I’ve been studying the virtue of love as a fruit of the Spirit – in other words, how are the different ways I can express Godly love to those around me? What does it mean to love others as God loves me? Love is clearly complex, but I’ve lately become so aware of the many nuances surrounding it. Its sheer complexity shocked me, such that one morning a few days ago, I thought to myself, There’s just no way I can fully understand it! Which, in hindsight, is just as well – if God is love (1 John 4:8), and there’s no way for our human minds to ever completely understand God, then it makes sense that it can be a doozy to wrap our minds around the concept of love. Continue reading

His Glory Appears

“You took my place, You showed me grace, At the Cross where You died for me.”

The music from Hillsong is just full of hauntingly beautiful gems such as this (especially the Hillsong Chapel: Forever Reign CD) – the words of each song can uncover exactly what my heart yearns to tell the Lord at different points in my life. With this one, I’m reminded yet again that Jesus’ sacrifice will never get old for me… And I’m truly grateful for that.