Well, the past year has somehow flown by, and I’m back again for my yearly birthday post! I can hardly believe that the number 28 is now associated with my name… I mean, I could hardly believe it last year with 27, but here we are. It has been such a joy to walk through life in the past year. It seems crazy to say that being that the past year has been exceedingly difficult at times, but overall, as I look back at all that God’s brought me through and all He’s taught and revealed to me over the last 365 days, I can’t help but be grateful. His grace surrounds me and His love overwhelms me. It’s such a blessing to see another year on this earth and I just feel so warm – to my friends and family who have truly made me rich in the relationships we share, thank you for all your well wishes and for the love you constantly shower me with.

I’m walking into 28 with both comfort and confidence: comfort in who God’s calling me to be and confidence in the Lord to see me through each step He places in front of me. A few weeks back, I was listening to a song on the new Maverick City X UpperRoom Move Your Heart album. There’s a line in I Want To See You that stood out to me and that sits on my mind from day to day: There is no one like You in the heavens or on the earth. The sound of one musician’s voice repeats this truth over and over until the whole song is filled with a chorus of voices singing the same words. It’s electric. That singular thought in the song filled me with joy in its simplicity, yet it was unfathomable in its complexity as I pondered just a few of the ways that the God of the universe – our God – is greater than the human mind could ever conceive (Isaiah 55:8-13). There is truly not one single being on this earth or in the realms we can’t see that is like our God. I don’t even know how to begin describing what that means to me, but I do know that that knowledge brings me such comfort and confidence – not in myself, but in the Lord.

It’s something I want to carry with me throughout each day: There is absolutely no one like the Lord. God changes hearts, gives me motivation for each day, and equips me for life like no one and no thing ever could. He brings beauty and good out of situations that were meant to be chaotic, and bestows His peace on my heart in a way that crushes my fears. The Lord is such a faithful and kind listener, allowing me to be honest with Him, and giving me more grace than I could ever deserve. He protects, guides, corrects, and loves me more than I could understand. Simply being in God’s presence satisfies my soul and I love Him. There’s truly no one like Him in the heavens or on this earth. I’m so blessed to be His daughter! And so with that, I’m waving hello to 28, open to whatever adventures God brings my way, and I can’t wait to walk this year’s walk with Him.

4 thoughts on “28

  1. Happy 28th Birthday Princess Joy! Thanking God for bringing you to this new year! As I read your reflection, my spirit leaped with great joy on your growth and intimacy with God. It brings me and Mom such great joy to witness how you are falling in love with Jesus day by day and year by year!. It is evident and a beautiful thing to behold. Nothing, nothing, nothing satisfies our spirits, souls and lives like the Lord! Indeed no one like Him. The Holy Spirit has birth a fire in you! Now carry that fire to your generation and let your light shine for Christ and His heart. We celebrate the amazing beautiful woman of God you are! Abundant blessings are upon your year. Love. Dad.

    • Aww thank you so much, Dad!! I’m so blessed to have you and Mom and to have learned about the Lord from an early age through your guidance. I love seeing how you walk with Him too. I love you, Dad!

  2. Happy Birthday Lady Joy!! It’s always a treat getting to glean from what the Holy Spirit downloads to you. From the USA, we are celebrating you and praising God for you and your walk with God!. So many areas of your post captivated my spirit: Absolutely no none like the Lord! Dad said it well. I love how you are able to put into words (as much as possible) what your walk with God means to you. Changing your heart, motivating you, equipping you, setting things in order, giving you His peace, crushing fear, His faithfulness, His kindness, vulnerability with Him…and the list goes on. You are living out Jeremiah 17: 7-8 and Psalm 1:1. Your relationship with Jesus is getting brighter, better and sweeter. Reminds me of the song…Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word. So proud of you! With a heart of thanksgiving and praise cheering you on to a terrific year Dr. Layo!  Love Always-Momma. 

    • Thank you so much, Mom!! It really is the sweetest thing to trust in the Lord – there’s just so much overwhelming confidence and peace in my heart thinking of the fact that we get to trust in our God! Can’t wait to journey through this year’s adventures with you and Dad too. I love you, Mom!

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