Merry Christmas (Songs)!

This year, I wanted to post a kind of music curation each weekend after Thanksgiving leading up to Christmas on some of my favorite Christmas songs, but, med school final exams got in the way, and so I’ve decided to instead post some of them as a Christmas treat.

The first is Silent Night, a classic Christmas song. It’s one of my favorites because it reminds me of Christmas Eve candlelight services, of being together with my family to celebrate and remember the life-changing night that Jesus was born on this Earth over 2000 years ago.

No other song reminds me of the holy beauty of Christ’s birth like O Holy Night at Christmastime. The words His name is love and His gospel is peace say it all.

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Dean’s Holiday

Today is a Dean’s Holiday for all the students and faculty here at the U. of Pécs! I think this is the first legitimate “break” we’ve had since beginning classes in September almost 2 months ago. We were given the day off for Medicine Days, which is an event that the University holds for alumni who graduated from the school 50 years ago – the honorees receive a new diploma from the University, and they are celebrated during the weekend of activities. Naturally, with a Friday off, I have more time than usual to sit on my couch and do something I love: sing worship songs! Today, this was my Friday jam:

This version of Salvation is Here is on Yahweh, an acoustic collection of songs sung live by Hillsong Chapel, which lately I’ve realized is my absolute favorite CD. There’s just something about this song (and the CD) that’s so uplifting and victorious.

Happy Friday!

Middle-Child Day!

Happy National Middle Child Day!

…What? You’ve never heard of it?

Neither had I (and I’m a middle child, so…), until I was scrolling along on the Internet this morning and bam! Some ads for TV shows I watch (Fresh Prince, anyone?) were wishing happy middle child days to the middle child of the fictitious TV families. Apparently, this “holiday” comes every August 12, and – not surprisingly – most people don’t know about it. Including myself. Of course, it’s a holiday made up by a blogger somewhere in Somewhere, USA, to slightly jest at what some people call “middle child syndrome”, which in finer terms, is basically the art of forgetting that one of your children (the middle one) exists. I had a really good laugh reading an article written by a middle child on the holiday last year, or as he calls it, “the day the world forgot to celebrate.”

I laugh and joke about being the middle child (and I have such a fantastic family that none of the syndrome “symptoms” apply), but the truth is that many, many people feel just as forgotten as the proverbial middle child. For example, in the Bible, David wasn’t a middle child but he was definitely forgotten, so much so that when the prophet Samuel came to David’s father Jesse’s house to anoint one of them as the new king of Israel, Jesse only presented his first seven sons to Samuel! David came up as an afterthought – Jesse didn’t even mention him until Samuel asked if he had any other sons, and even then, Jesse gave the excuse that he was out tending to the family sheep! (I Samuel 16:1 – 13 NLT) Continue reading

Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day! This day celebrates July 14, 1789 in which the Bastille prison fell and ended Louis XVI’s monarchy all over France and its territories. This means… fireworks!

I really like this French holiday because it reminds me of my fantastically awesome Paris host family. One of my host brothers was named Bastien, and one of my study abroad friends used to call him “Bastille” as a play on his name. He was the cutest 11-year old I’d ever seen! This year he’ll be entering teenage-hood and I’m floored by how quickly time has passed and by the fact that I still miss them very much. I’ll hopefully drop by to visit them next year when I return.

So in celebration of Bastille Day, I’m sharing one of my latest Paris-related purchases: a coffee table book called Paris in Color! I’ve been wanting it for about a year, so it’s nice to finally add to my bookshelf. I actually didn’t get this book until a few weeks ago, even though I had ordered it at the end of May because I accidentally sent it to my old address at Rice. So it took a month to get to me instead of two days.
Anyway, patience prevailed, and I now have it for reading and reminiscing on rainy days like today.


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