Merry Christmas Eve!

It looks like the next couple of days will be very musical over here on the blog! I meant to post this about two weeks ago, but this post became a casualty of final exam preparation… oops. Seems like pre-scheduling my posts as much as possible in the future to keep them consistent will be my best bet going forward! But moving on…

A couple weeks ago, I woke up to the song Lord I Need You playing in my head, and I couldn’t resist singing it over and over in both my quiet time and in my head throughout the day (isn’t it awesome when the Lord puts a song in your heart? Since He knows my love for music, it’s almost daily for me!). Later that day, I was browsing on Instagram for a study break and happened to visit Sadie Robertson’s profile (she’s the daughter of one of the main people on Duck Dynasty and actually recently published a book, Live Original). Lo and behold, she had just posted a video of the Daraja Children’s Choir singing Lord I Need You at her church that past weekend! Seeing as that was the weekend right before my final exam period began, the song was such a wonderful reminder for me to recognize just how much I need the Lord in my life, in all facets.

A few days later, Christ Is Enough was put on my heart (seriously, the Lord is the best Encourager at the exact times I need it), and it served as a reiteration of Christ’s utmost importance in my life.

And then, since music is such an integral part of my life and who I am, whenever I come across a good, mellow song that’s perfect for studying, I can’t help but want to share it. This one, Upside Down, is by a small band called Goldford that I discovered on Pandora. Merry Christmas Eve!

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