I’m completely overwhelmed.

I think this day has to be the most love-filled day I’ve ever experienced to date.

Today, February 22nd, is my 21st birthday and the joy and bountiful blessings have just been pouring in on me all day long! I always get introspective around special occasions, but this has been an especially poignant birthday for me as I’ve had time over the past few weeks to really ponder over just why I love birthdays so much. I wondered over my penchant for birthdays because I’ve known so many people who lament them, either because they’re getting older or because they don’t know of good presents to ask for or because they don’t get to spend it with certain people. But I love them (and let’s be serious – I adore mine) because it really is a celebration – God’s brought it to my awareness more in these past few weeks, but each day really is a gift. No day is promised to any person, so to have the opportunity to celebrate another year of life? That is truly a wonderful, heavenly gift that deserves to be celebrated. And even though it always shocks me how quickly time passes by, one of my co-workers put it into perspective the other day, saying that “when time passes so quickly, it’s because life is good.” So there’s no need to lament growing up another year… I see it as a time to be immensely grateful for all God has done in my life over the past year and as a time to look forward to new growth and maturity, both personally and spiritually.
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Today is my 20th birthday. It still feels weird to say that, to have a number that begins with a 2. This might be the first birthday I can remember where I actually feel different. Maybe it’s just that this is unexplored territory. I still feel like saying I’m 19 when people ask my age. But overall, I’m so incredibly grateful for another new year of life. That’s the ultimate blessing.

Below are photos from the past three birthdays when I’ve celebrated with friends from school. This is the first year since high school that I get to celebrate with friends and family on my actual birthday!

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Lots of love to all those who share February birthdays.

Pull and Push

February here in Houston has been absolutely beautiful so far, and one that I’m so very blessed to witness everyday. As I draw closer and closer to my spring break (read: winter break, part II) and consequently my birthday, I’ve been reflecting on this past year of my life, on the end of my teens, and what this new decade will bring. I don’t know what I feel yet about turning 20…(the taste of the word “twenty” still feels weird in my mouth) but I do know that I’m incredibly grateful for another year of life, and to be delving into a new stage, so to speak.

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