Faithfulness. That’s the word that I would use to most accurately sum up my 2013. Every single experience I’ve had this year, whether a high or low, has been especially memorable as I think back on many of them because I’ve realised that God’s mercies – or in other words, His constant faithfulness – have been increasingly abundant in my life this past year. He hasn’t been more or less faithful than before, but I think I’ve grown to appreciate the simple things in my life that truly capitalize on His daily faithfulness. I could reflect on the “big” things in my life – like finding a job after graduation for my gap year – or the “small” things – like the fall afternoon where the rain in the sky miraculously held off from pouring down until seconds after I returned home from running – but either way, His faithfulness shines through. I can’t think of one encounter I’ve had this year where God’s immense faithfulness hasn’t been at work in my life, and it makes me so incredibly excited to continue to do life with Him guiding me in the new year.

This song, Great is Your Mercy, is taking it old school (I seriously adore the fact that it’s 10 minutes long…if you know me, you know I love abnormally-long songs) – it’s one of those classic church songs where the same sentiments are sung repeatedly by different people. But the way each person articulates the same message is profound in my eyes. I can almost feel how greatly each person has experienced God’s faithfulness in their own personal, varying situations through the way they express each word in song. That’s how God’s faithfulness is as well. We each experience it, whether knowingly or not, and it impacts us in different ways based on where we are in life. The difference comes with how we respond to it. I’ve seen myself be completely ignorant of how faithful God has been in certain past situations, because my eyes have been focused on circumstances, rather than above. I pray that in the new year, I can continue to respond to God’s faithfulness just as the people above vocalising “Great is Your mercy towards me” have: with fresh eyes and a humble, grateful heart.

Happy New Year! 2014 is sure to be a spectacular adventure.

4 thoughts on “NYE

  1. My, my, my!! Princess, you have articulated the faithfulness of God is an inspiring way! And the song is just exhilarating. Blessed by all God is doing in and through you! Here is to a God-filled, glory bringing 2014!! Love. Momma.

  2. Layo, Happy New Year! Your article makes all those memories that we made in the past few years so vivid again. It is my first time listening to this song and I absolutely enjoy it 🙂 Wish you a rewarding 2014!

    • Ying, happy new year to you too!! I miss you and hope that I’ll get to see you soon. We really did have so many fantastic memories…some of the best I remember. I’m so glad you liked the song and I hope it blesses you with a great start to the year – let’s talk soon!

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