Head vs. Heart

There’s a phrase that many people use when they are extremely happy. They say, “That person is high on life!” In the past couple of months, I’ve experienced that feeling. The exceedingly joyous one, where I can’t keep a smile off my face as I think of the great things God’s allowed me to experience these past few months. The first time was after 100 Days (an event my university holds to commemorate 100 days to graduation for the seniors), and the second time was this past weekend, getting to experience Soul Night for the first time, and as a performer. I’ve always heard and talked jokingly about being extremely content with how situations turn out in life, yet it sure was different – and so much more fulfilling – to actually encounter those emotions in a concentrated and impacting way after the events took place in my life.

While basking in the joy of one of my first ever dance performances for hundreds of people, I got to thinking about this concept of “head versus heart.” No one that I know of really uses this as a phrase, but I’ve heard the idea discussed among people in unspecific terms: it’s fascinating to us that we can know an idea or concept in our heads backwards and forwards, yet not truly understand it until we’ve actually experienced the concept in our hearts. And that’s exactly what’s amazed me these past few months as I’ve experienced unspeakable joy and grace in my life. I’ve known for years in my mind that God is more than ready to give His children joy, peace, grace and mercy. Yet recently experiencing those gifts when I know I shouldn’t garnered an appreciation in my heart unlike one I’ve ever known. It’s a blessing to understand long-known concepts not only logically in my head, but also lovingly in my heart. Both are crucial, but I’m very glad to be finally reaching the heart stage in various aspects of my life.

P.S. I will explain simplechara very soon, as promised before! Just need to catch a break first.


2 thoughts on “Head vs. Heart

  1. What an amazing journey God has taken you on these last four years! Seems like yesterday you were a freshman and we drove down to Houston. Your post reminds me of this song..Look What The Lord has done!! It also resonates this scripture so well- 1 Peter 3:15. So happy that you experienced the thrill of African dancing. You make us all proud!! And your selection of Kirk Franklin’s song is icing on this post. Only those that have experienced the love and touch of God can understand your song, your praise or why you live life the way you do. Keep on singing, dancing and living for our Lord! Love- Momma

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