I’m exceedingly psyched because I’m turning 27 today on 02•22•20… and if you know me, then you know that the number symmetry, along with turning one of my favorite numbers, makes me feel absolutely delighted.

But really, it’s always a blessing to me to see another year. The song going through my thoughts these past few days was You Keep On Getting Better sung by Maverick City Music, especially the refrain that says, “Every day gets sweeter, every day gets better.” It speaks to the fact that every day lived in relationship with our awesome God gets better for us as His children – He never changes in His perfection, but for us He gets better as we discover more and more of Him with each passing experience, good or bad. I’ve found this to especially be true these past few years, and it’s a concept I’ve been pondering these past few days as I walk into 27 with that same mindset. There’s another part of the song that says over and over – after declaring how good God is – “You keep on getting better, You keep on getting better.” I couldn’t listen to that part without joyfully singing along and expressing thanks to the Lord for who He is and all He’s done. I asked myself in what specific ways the Lord’s kept getting better to me, and what I loved was that many of the ways seemed like such simple things, but their impact on my life was anything but. He gets better and better to me every time I get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the clouds above me, or the serenity of a Poznan sunset at the end of the day. I mean, at times (at least in my view), the sky looks so intricately painted with a range of pastels, and I just can’t help looking up in awe at God’s creativity. And then it’ll be a whole different range of colours the next day, harboring a completely different vibe and bringing a new sense of wonder to my heart – something new, yet at its core, still the same. God gets better and better to me with each day, as I literally experience His strength in me on days when Tuesdays feel like Thursdays and I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to study. I notice how He listens to me and encourages me exactly as I need, and how He draws me closer to Him, motivating me to be a better child of God, refining me day by day and removing all that isn’t like Him. All these things and more make me emphatically say: Yes, Lord – You keep getting better! And I love that as I discover more of Him with each passing year, I’m consistently reminded of how He is good. There’s a part of You Keep On Getting Better that says, “You are good; In the morning I’ll sing ‘You are good.’ In the evening I’ll sing ‘You are good,’ You are good to me.” It’s a sentiment often said about God without much thought – Oh, God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. But the reality of taking a moment and realizing that He truly is… means so much. The way He works and helps me when maybe I’ve slacked a bit on my to-do list – He’s good. The way He warms my heart through interactions with my family and friends during long rotation days – He is good. The many, many ways He shows me His character through specific verses in His word and strengthens my faith daily in such thoughtful and personal ways – He is so, so good.

Turning 27 today is a gift. There’s so much peace, joy, and excitement surrounding me, not only due to anticipation of the year ahead, but because I know that no matter what, He keeps on getting better.

6 thoughts on “27

  1. Happy 27th Birthday Princess Joy! Thanking God for His life in you! As I read your reflection on the goodness of God getting better, I was reminded of a similar song by Fred Johnson. I see how both songs point to the same truth- living for our LORD gets better and better. It makes us fall in love with Jesus over and over again. God is expressing the same in you. Check out Fred Johnson’s song, I am sure you will like it too. It’s in the old school section but same heart with Keep on Getting Better by Maverick City Music. Jesus gets sweeter and better as we experience Him in all seasons of life. Proud of you! Our God is good in the morning, afternoon and evening. We celebrate the amazing beautiful young woman of God you are! Many blessings are upon your year. Love. Dad.

    • Thank you so much, Dad!! I’ll definitely check out the song. I sure do love some old school songs too! And so so true, our God is so good and gets better every day as we know Him more. I’m proud to say that I’ve seen the same sentiments lived out in you and Mom over the years. I love you, Dad!

  2. Happy Birthday Lady Joy!! God has blessed you with twenty-seven years of His love and grace. It never gets old: I love how you reflect with each new year God brings you to. You are living out Psalm 90:12. In celebration of your birthday is part of the American style Palindrome series…02-22-20. The first one was 02-02-2020. So cool! Thank you for sharing the Maverick City Music, going to place on my praise playlist. Your reflection is along Proverbs 4:18, “The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” As we walk with Jesus, our relationship with Him gets brighter and better. So proud of you! With a heart of thanksgiving and praise cheering you on to a terrific year Dr. Layo!  Love Always-Momma. 

    • He really has given me unspeakable love and grace, it’s beautiful. Yeah I found the date palindrome really cool too! Thank you so much, Mom!! I’m so blessed to be able to look back every year and see God’s goodness. It’s a privilege. I love that growing in the Lord helps to put everything in perspective no matter what. I love you, Mom!

  3. This is such a beautiful reflection on God’s grace, faithfulness, and brilliance! I couldn’t have said it any better. I’m very excited for all that God has for you as you turn 27, Layo! I love you dearly 🙂

    • Aw thank you so much, Lade!! I love the word “brilliant” to describe God’s awesomeness. He really is such a good God. I love you too!

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