24 Things Life Is Too Short For

Today, I’m turning 24 (…I know… twenty-four!). Every year around my birthday, I try to write down a number of fun things to commemorate the day – kind of like random things I might’ve wanted to know for this age a decade ago. It’s a fun way for me to reflect without getting too deep, while also thinking back on lessons I’m thankful for learning.

This year, I thought it’d be cool to think about things that life is too short for. The answer is probably “everything”, but since I’m turning 24, here are 24 things on just that.

Life’s too short to…

  1. not trust God. This is something I have been and am learning daily, but it’s a beautiful journey, and one that we should encourage each other in.

  2. not learn some Bible verses. These come in very handy when you need instant encouragement. It helps to have God’s word ready to go with anything that comes your way.

  3. not make some goals. Life goals, man. It’s worth it for the direction and motivation.

  4. not be accountable. Find that family member or friend who can help you reach those life goals.

  5. not have good friend-mentors. I totally made up this phrase, but it’s what I consider a trustworthy, good friend that can offer you solid direction when you need it. You will need it.

  6. not get organized. In whatever way suits you – your closet, your computer, your life – getting organized saves so much time in the long run. It’s also good to remember that if nothing changes, nothing changes. Organization is a good start to making real life changes happen.

  7. not be thankful. It’s a beautiful thing to be thankful for basically anything, because it’s a blessing to be alive.

  8. withhold grace and forgiveness. This is a tough one to implement, but ironically, it makes you feel much better.

  9. not give hugs. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: hug your family and friends! It’s good medicine. For you. Maybe not for the affection-averse.

  10. not do something completely outside of your comfort zone. This looks different for everyone, and it definitely signals a period of internal stretching, but the end result is quite a bit of personal growth.

  11. not exercise regularly. I always told myself when I was younger that I’d work out regularly “in my 20s”… it definitely feels incredibly weird to realise that that time is now for me, and it makes me laugh.

  12. not dance in your own personal pretend music video to a favorite song. My recent favorite has been Vivir Mi Vida. Another new favorite has been Bruno Mars’s Perm. Dance moves have included everything from jumps and claps, to dramatic hair flipping in the mirror. Just sayin’.

  13. not put down the phone. I mean during dinner, hangouts with your friends, or even walking on the way somewhere. The messages will still be there in a couple hours, but your time with your loved ones won’t! And also, it gives you time to hear your thoughts, and just think.

  14. not learn another language! There’s too many free resources out there these days to not at least try.

  15. not travel. This world we live in is spectacular! Travel leads to some interesting conversations and insights too, that’s for sure.

  16. not be creative. Write. Draw. Take pictures. Sing. We all have a strain of creativity within us because we were made by the ultimate Creator. So be creative, even if it’s uncomfortable or even if you’re worried about what others will say.

  17. not be in love with clouds or the ocean – or basically nature. God’s made such a beautiful world. I love staring at clouds (or the ocean if I’m near it) – they’re so peaceful and are pretty spectacular.

  18. not like cartoons. Enough said.

  19. worry. Trust is better, anyway.

  20. not try Shake Shack once. I tried it a few times last year and I was SHOOK. It was crazy delicious (that milkshake with those fries, though… gave me a heart-eyes kind of reaction).

  21. not love others well. By being a good listener, praying for them, considering them above yourself – whatever. Love is such a diverse concept, so put it to good use.

  22. not learn how to cook. Gordon Ramsay said it best: “You have to eat at least three times a day for the rest of your life – so why not learn how to cook?”

  23. not be an encouragement. It’s easiest to think of the situations happening in your life, but oh how sweet it is to put those thoughts aside and be an encouragement to someone else in some way.

  24. not celebrate 24th birthdays!




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